Why Follow the Curriculum?
The AE curriculum is created to give students exposure to many DIFFERENT artists and styles. It is designed so as not to overlap with the things covered in Ogden's art lessons. Age appropriateness and the regular classroom curriculum are also considered when developing the AE curriculum.  The AE curriculum also supports the artists and painting found at the Art Institute of Chicago, so you can encourage the students to go and see the real thing!

What About Art Projects?  The curriculum bags have project ideas that have proven to be successful and engaging with students.  You can also check AE Resources on this Web site for links to some Web site (ie Crayola, Kinderart, the Incredible Art Department) that have great lesson plan ideas.  Be creative, and if you find a really good project, wite it down and slip it in the folder.

Please use art activities that go along with the artist. It is important that we relate our presentations to artists or techniques and show the posters as examples. That way we are sure this valuable classroom time is spent on art education.

 Check the art closet and the library at for books that relate to your topic.

Videos: The easiest way to show a short video about an artist is to find what you want on YouTube (always preview before showing in class) and request permission to use the teacher’s computer and overhead projector. 

Posters Posters are kept in the art closet and should not be removed from school. A complete list of AE POSTERS is here.

Websites The best thing to do is an internet search for the artist you are presenting; for example, "Monet kids art lessons".  You will find good resources easily.  Also, you can click on the links in the curriculum section of this website.

Art Lessons: Click on the grade links below in the curriculum for instructions.