Examples of Presentations

Example 1
Class: 1st Grade
Topic: Pointillism
Artist of Discussion: George Seurat
Reference Poster: "Sunday Afternoon on the Island of the Grande Jatte"
Project: Q-Tip Pointillism
Closure: Read Jack in Search of Art, by Arlene Boehm

First present the poster "Sunday Afternoon on the Island of the Grande Jatte" by George Seurat and tell the students about the artist. Then have the children create a painting using tempera paint and Q-tips to create the pointillism style. Suggest a theme to paint such as underwater sea creatures or dinosaurs (which they are studying in class). Close the lesson by reading Jack in Search of Art.

Example 2
Class: 2nd Grade
Topic: Impressionism
Artist of Discussion: Claude Monet
Reference Poster: “Waterlilies & Japanese Bridge” and “Pool of Waterlilies”
Project: Painting Impressionism
Closure: Read The Magical Garden of Claude Monet by Laurence Anholt

First present posters of Claude Monet and tell about the artist. As a project, have the students create a beautiful garden including a bridge with watercolor or tempera paint and close the lesson by reading The Magical Garden of Claude Monet, by Laurence Anholt. The book is about a young girl searching for her dog in a magical garden and asks the gardener (Monet) to help look for her dog.