Tools and References

In the AE art closet, located on the last four shelves as designated by orange tape, you will find Folders, Posters (which can also be viewed online), and art supplies. Note: Check the closet a couple days before your presentation to make sure we have the supplies you need. Let the program coordinators know if we are running short on supplies.

In the Art Folders, check the information sheet/parent letter for updated information. This sheet serves four purposes:

1. It has all the current research done on a particular artist as well as interesting facts (for example, Degas had a full-size stuffed horse in his studio and Van Gogh painted "Starry Night" with candles in his hat so he could see his canvas!).

2. It works as a reference sheet when you are talking to the class.

3. It can be adapted to include your project and be sent home with the artwork the kids have done in class. (Many times the parents don't know if they did their project in art class or Art Enrichment.) The sheet gives the parents a little information to talk to their child about their painting.

4. It can be signed by the art volunteers and put in the folder so that other volunteers can refer to it, learn about your art project, what you did and how successful it was.

On this Site you can check the poster list for photos of the posters we own. The photos aren't the best, but they will give you an idea of what painting you will be talking about, without having to make an extra trip to the closet.

An excellent online art dictionary is available through Artlex. Additional recommended web resources are listed in AE Resources.

At Your Library, check the Swan Catalog for any books you may need to order. It takes about one week for books to be delivered to your local library. The Art Enrichment booklist has some recommendations.