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Handbook - Ogden School Policies

Each child ensured academic excellence
in a caring environment of respect.

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Before and After School Care

District 102's Before and After School Experience Program (BASE) creates a secure environment and an atmosphere of support for children and families.  The program is managed by the Park District of La Grange.

For further information on this program, a Registration Form, and a Weekly Schedule, please visit the BASE website.

Celebrating Birthdays

Unlike most adults, children really enjoy celebrating their birthday! Our Ogden children are so fortunate that most of them enjoy home parties and some special ways to celebrate out of school.

At school, we like to recognize these milestones too! Student birthdays are announced each week (with half birthdays announced for those with summer birthdays) and the children come to the office for a special little gift from the principal (pencil, eraser, etc).

In the classrooms, we have students bring in a special "Birthday Book" to share and donate to the classroom library.

When students donate a book to their classroom for their birthday they have a bookplate noting their birthday gift and/or have the opportunity to write a message to their class in the book. This is such a wonderful way to celebrate with a gift that will last for years to come. Many students enjoy seeing who donated a birthday book or look for their brother or sister's book over the years.

In some homerooms, teachers may even send home a list of suggested books that you and your child may choose from for their special celebration. In this way our classroom libraries also grow to help foster independent reading for all children!

We ask you to honor this method of birthday celebrating and not send in any treats. This way we also avoid allergy and food restrictions that several children have. Thank you and have fun selecting a special book with your child to celebrate their next growing up milestone at Ogden in grades Kindergarten through six.

Curriculum Nights

Each fall, at the beginning of the school year, the teachers set aside evenings by grade for parents to meet their children's teachers. You can learn about the curriculum and class routines and meet the other parents of the class. Dates and times of each grade's curriculum night will be communicated by the teachers at the beginning of the school year.

Emergency School Closing Procedures

In the event that the principal is notified by the district that the school is to be closed due to weather related or emergency related school closing, emergency closing information will be placed on the District 102 Website.  Visit the District 102 Website for further information on emergency closing procedures.

Emergency During School Hours Due to the fact that over 60% of our families work during the school day, school would not be dismissed early in the case of an emergency, as many of the students would have no place to go. If it were necessary, the school would be vacated and the students would be transferred to St. Francis and/or Park Jr. High, with whom Ogden has a cooperative emergency agreement. If the emergency occurred close to the end of the school day, the students would be "held", if the situation allowed, and dismissed at the regularly scheduled time. If the emergency occurred at the very start of the day, the emergency closing procedures would be initiated and children would be dismissed in an appropriate and orderly fashion to those parents and guardians who are reachable and can personally pick their children up at school. All other students would be monitored until the end of the day by school staff.

Instrumental Music Program

All district fourth graders may enroll with no prior experience needed. 5th and 6th grade students may also enroll upon the director's approval. To enroll, parents and child attend a meeting together in which a demonstration of the instruments is given and the program is discussed. Students are considered temporarily enrolled after attending the meeting, then complete the enrollment process when they attend their first lesson.

The program consists of one 30 minute lesson each week in their schools during the regular school day. Lessons rotate times each week according to a prearranged schedule, so that students do not miss the same class time each week.

After several weeks of lessons, students begin to attend rehearsals, where they rehearse with a large group of peers to reinforce concepts learned during lessons. Rehearsals are held in Park Jr. High Band Room 220. Buses are available to take students to these rehearsals and return them to their schools.

Home practice is a major expectation of the program. Repetition of each assigned exercise with the goal of perfecting its performance is the key to improvement.

For more detailed information on this program, visit the PIMA pages of the District 102 Website.

Lost and Found

Please place your child's name on all school supplies and gym shoes with a permanent magic marker.

All school related supply and clothing items should be marked with your child's name. Etching names into the frames of prescription glasses is another good idea. We would like to keep our "Lost and Found" as empty as possible.

Children bringing lunch boxes and thermoses should also have these clearly marked for easy identification. The number of unclaimed lunch boxes each year is astronomical!

This past year we donated several bags of good sweatshirts, hats, jackets, pairs of shoes and boots, scarves, etc. to worthy causes at the end of the year. While someone needy benefits, we would much prefer to return lost and misplaced items to their rightful owners.

Ogden Teacher and Staff Contact Information

Visit the Ogden Website for school contact information.

Safety and Security

See the Ogden School Handbook for the most up to date information on arrival and dismissal, safety, and other school policies.

Table of Contents:

Bike Riding Norms

--Walk your bike on all blocks right around the school. Walk your bike on Waiola from the playground equipment to Ogden Avenue, along Ogden Avenue, along Spring from Brewster to Ogden, and as you go through the playground area. There are many pedestrians and younger children in these areas and walking your bike will keep everyone safe.

--NO riding in the streets along these blocks either.

--Only cross your bike with the crossing guards and then you may ride to and from school.

--We encourage you to wear a bike helmet.

--Be kind and considerate to all other bike riders and pedestrians.

--Always listen to the crossing guards, patrol guards, and adult staff.

--Be aware of your surroundings and be safe.

In the bike rack:

--No saving spots, no having your own special spot.

--Park your bike front wheel into the rack; do not park across the rack.

--Park in the rack and not along the fence if at all possible. When the new additional bike rack is installed, everyone can park in the rack and no one needs to park their bike on the fence.

--No sharing locks. Everyone needs to have their own lock and each bike must be locked.

--No touching anyone else's bike. If there is a problem with a bike, report it to the office.

Thanks you for being a caring and careful bike riding student!

Designated Safe Routes

Use Crossing Guard Stations!

A priority goal of our school community is always safety. Getting everyone to school and home safely takes good planning and everyone's cooperation. Student and/or adult crossing guards have once again been strategically placed at our busiest thoroughfares to maximize this attempt.

South of Ogden Avenue: Students who live south of Ogden School would cross Ogden Avenue where an adult crossing guard has been located, at Ogden and Waiola Avenues. After school, students should proceed south on Waiola until they reach Bell and then proceed in the direction they need to go from there. Those students who live west of Brainard should cross Brainard at Bell, where another adult crossing guard is stationed.

North of Ogden Avenue: Students who live northwest of Ogden Avenue and Ogden School should proceed to and from Ogden School along Waiola and Richmond. Students going to and from the west are advised against using Brewster Alley. Too many cars use the alley as a short cut, as do the junior high students at dismissal times. Richmond may be a couple blocks out of the way for some children, but we are requesting the use of Richmond in the interest of child safety.

Northeast of Ogden: Students living north of Ogden Avenue and directly east of the school and Kensington Avenue are requested to proceed west on Brewster Avenue. Students should cross Kensington Avenue at Kensington and Brewster, where an adult crossing guard is located.

School Security Procedures

Although Ogden has long appreciated and promoted an attitude of welcomed, relaxed visitations, the number of national and metropolitan school security breaches in the last few years has necessitated a more structured and controlled visitation/entrance policy at all district schools to better ensure the health, well-being, and security of our children. Therefore, parents are reminded that:

--All doors to Ogden Avenue School will be locked during school hours.

--Visitors will have to ring a security bell at the Waiola South entrance and will be buzzed into the office to sign in. All visitors must wear a visitor's badge throughout their visitation.

Again, the only public access to Ogden School will be via the main Waiola Street office door entrance between 7:30am and 4:00pm. BASE parents who drop off and pick up their children before and after school will be required to utilize a doorbell system located at the kindergarten door that is activated and monitored by the BASE staff.

Student entrance procedures will continue in effect between 8:10 and 8:20am and 12:15 and 12:25pm under the supervised monitoring of school personnel and student safety patrol students. All late entrance students after 8:20am and 12:15pm will have to enter via the main south Waiola Avenue office entrance and report to the health office for an "Admit Slip" to class. As a reminder to students and parents, the Waiola south entrance is to be used only if a student is late (arriving after 8:20am or after 12:15pm). Otherwise, students should use either the Waiola Kindergarten entrance (Kindergarten only), the bike entrance, or either of the entrance doors off the playground.

Student departures at lunchtime and at the end of the school day continue via their assigned grade level exits. As a reminder to students and parents, the Waiola main entrance may not be used as an exit except when being dismissed from an after school activity. All students should use their assigned grade level exit:

--Grades 1 - 6, via the east Spring Avenue playground exits. --Kindergarten, via the north Waiola exit. --Bicycle students via the west Waiola bicycle lot exit.

All older students who accompany kindergarten students home are to meet them outside the northwest Waiola Kindergarten exit.

Traffic Flow Around Ogden School

Ogden School has worked in cooperation with the LaGrange Park Police Department and the Village of LaGrange Traffic Control Engineers to develop a traffic flow pattern that promotes the optimum safety for our students. There have been several meetings where parents had the opportunity to work with us on developing this traffic pattern. Parent cooperation in following these drop off and pick up guidelines is much appreciated.

Click here for a map of the traffic flow pattern around Ogden.

General Overview and Guidelines for Both Sides of the School

--Traffic flow is Southbound from Richmond Avenue to Ogden Avenue on Spring Avenue.

--Spring Avenue Drop Off and Pick Up for ALL Grade 1 through 6 students.

--Traffic flow is Southbound from Richmond to Brewster Alley ONLY on Waiola Avenue.

--Traffic flow is Northbound from Ogden Avenue to Richmond on Waiola Avenue.

--Waiola Avenue Drop Off and Pick Up for Kindergarten ONLT.

--Please do not attempt U-turns or pull into driveways to turn around.

--Please do not attempt to turn into either Brewster Avenue or Brewster Alley around the barricades. 

--Please drop off your student(s) and then KEEP MOVING. Any delay or parking causes major backups and frustration for the people waiting to drop off or pick up.  Drop off you child on the sidewalk side, NOT into the street!!!!

--Your cooperation is appreciated to ensure safety for the students.

Spring Avenue Side (This is for ALL Grade 1 through 6 students)

--Spring Avenue is Southbound ONLY from Richmond Avenue to Ogden Avenue.There is a barricade prohibiting Northbound entry and also turning East off of Spring Avenue onto Ogden Avenue. 

--There is also a barricade prohibiting Northbound entry onto Spring Avenue from Brewster to Richmond.

--Brewster Avenue is blockaded between Spring Avenue and Kensington Avenue. Please do not attempt to enter.

--Student drop off area is South of Brewster on Spring (South of the crosswalk). Please do not drop off you children North of Brewster and DO NOT pull over against the yellow curb North of the crosswalk.

--All children dropped off will walk North to the fence opening to the playground. These students will ge guided by paraeducators, so that parents do not have to wait to see their child enter the playground, but rather can keep moving so that we can queue up the next set of cars to drop off. This will keep Southbound traffic moving.

--There is absolutely NO PARKING or WAITING on Spring in the drop off area.

--There is no student drop off, other than handicapped children, in the teacher parking lot. Students may NOT walk through the parking lot - they must wal North to the opening onto the playground.

Waiola Avenue Side (This is for Kindergarten Drop Off Only)

--Waiola Avenue is Northbound from Ogden Avenue to Richmond Avenue.

--Vehicles traveling South from Richmond MUST turn west into Brewster Alley.

--Kindergarten student drop off is South of Brewster Alley on Waiola (on the east side of the street only). These students will be met by safety patrol students who will help the children get into their Kindergarten lines so that parents can drop off and keep moving, allowing the next set of cars to queue up for drop off.

--Please note, however, that there is a BUS LOADING ZONE directly in front of the school main entrance. No cars should drop off, pick up, or park in this area AT ANY TIME.

--If you have students in Grades 1 - 6 also, you are to drive around to Spring and drop them off on that side, following those drop off guidelines.

School Contact Information

Ogden Avenue Elementary School
501 W. Ogden Avenue
La Grange, Illinois 60526


Ogden is one of 4 Elementary Schools, 1 Kindergarten Center and 1 Junior High School in Illinois LaGrange School District 102.

Principal: Mrs. Pattii Waldo, x6600,
Administrator:  Mrs. Polly Peterson, x3602, 

School History

Built in 1910 to replace Poet's Corner and North Schools, Ogden Avenue School has since grown to roughly 640 students who benefit from an amazing teaching staff, stellar music, reading and art programs, Spanish classes, access to an intriguing Science name just a few attributes beyond it's comprehensive curriculum.

This school is a source of great pride. So sign up for one of the many volunteering opportunities, be part of all of the social gatherings available, come to the monthly PTC meetings, and make sure your children wear the school colors of green and white on Spirit Days! While you're at it, take a moment to learn our school song written by a former student and teacher:

Cheer! Cheer for our Ogden School.
Kids there are friendly and follow rules.
We have teachers who are great.
They are the finest in the state.

We love to learn and we'll never stop.
Our education's cream of the crop.
We're so glad that we are here,
Three cheers for Ogden School!

School Hours

Every morning, the line up bell will ring at 8:10.
The enter bell will ring at 8:15.
Classes begin at 8:20.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday
8:20 AM to 11:20 AM and 12:15 PM to 3:15 PM

Wednesdays are Early Dismissal Days
8:20 AM to 10:55 AM and 11:55 AM to 2:30 PM

School Song

Cheer! Cheer for our Ogden School.
Kids there are friendly and follow rules.
We have teachers who are great.
They are the finest in the state.
We love to learn and we'll never stop.
Our educations’ cream of the crop.
We're so glad that we are here,

Three cheers for Ogden School!
Study hard and learn all we can,
Discipline is part of the plan.
Reading, writing, math no doubt!
Art, gym and music round us out!
Our aim is always to do our best.
Come out ahead - among all the rest.
Cheer for Ogden School, it's true.
We pledge our support to you