PTC Governance

The Ogden Avenue School PTC is the official parent-teacher organization of Ogden Avenue School and is open to all Ogden parents. Membership is $5.00 per year per family and includes a Student Directory and School Calendar.

The purpose of the Ogden PTC is threefold:

  1. Provide lines of communication between home and school.
  2. Enrich our children's educational experience by providing supplementary equipment and program funding through money raised at various PTC fundraising events. 
  3. Foster a healthy family environment within the community through various social activities.

The PTC is governed through bylaws written by past PTCs and reviewed every two years by the current PTC. Decisions are often based on input from parents who attend the monthly PTC meetings. Major program and funding decisions are also brought to the district "Roundtable" meetings, which are periodic meetings with District 102 administrators and representatives from each of the school's PTC boards.

Table of Contents

Who is a PTC Member?

Any parent or guardian of a student currently enrolled at Ogden Avenue School who is willing to uphold the policies and subscribe to the Bylaws of the PTC is, upon payment of dues, recognized as an official member of the PTC. School staff are automatically Members.

Dues for membership are determined annually. Membership benefits include the school calendar and telephone directory, the privilege of holding office and introducing motions, debating and voting at PTC meetings. An annual enrollment of Members is conducted at registration. Additional parent/guardian Members can be accepted at any time, upon full payment of dues.

The membership year runs from July 1 to June 30 of each year.

PTC News Article Approval

Please follow the guidelines below when promoting an event.  

The PTC News Article Approval Form is used for:

*  Weekly Friday Newsletter Submissions
*  All School Email Blasts from the PTC
*  Room Parent Class Email Communications

1. Complete and submit the PTC News Article Approval Form. There is no need to design or format a 'flyer'.

Ogden PTC operates an entirely electronic communications process. Paper copies of communications will not be sent home. In addition to being sent in the weekly newsletter email, all communications will be posted each week at the school and will be available on the PTC or District websites. 

2. If you have an attachment for your event, such as a Registration Form, Permission Slip, Coupon, etc., email the attachment to Polly ( in the school office and to

3. You must have your newsletter item in for approval no later than noon on Wednesday of the week when you want the announcement distributed.  The PTC Newsletter goes out on every Friday.  

4.  Email blast requests should be submitted 2 working days before you want the blast to go out.

***NOTE:  If you need a separate communication outside of the PTC newsletter with less than 24 hours advance notice, please also email  We will try to accomodate.***

Instructions for Dealing with PTC Funds

Table of Contents

Deposit Request Procedures

-- All cash and check collections should be counted and provided to the PTC Treasurer with a completed Deposit Request Form which can be found in the PTC mailbox (the slot below the treasurer’s mailbox) in the back room of Ogden’s main office or on Ogden’s website by clicking the link above.

-- In order to eliminate / reduce the risk of loss or theft, all cash / checks should be provided to the Treasurer within 24 hours after collection so that it can be deposited into the Bank. Please do not hold onto cash / checks any longer than necessary, as insurance does not cover the loss of cash / checks maintained in volunteers' homes.

-- Drop off the Deposit Request Form and money at the Treasurer’s house or in the Treasurer’s mailbox at school. If you have a large amount of money to be deposited, please arrange a time with the Treasurer to drop the money off at her house. Be sure to have the money counted and totaled on the Deposit Request Form.

Cash Box Request Procedures

-- Complete a Cash Box Request Form which can be found in the PTC mailbox (the slot below the treasurer’s mailbox) in the back room of Ogden’s main office or on Ogden’s website by clicking the link above. Please list out the desired denominations needed and if any calculators will be needed. The Treasurer can assist you in determining what was requested in prior years.

-- Drop off the Cash Box Request Form at the PTC Treasurer's house. Please give her at least a one week notice before an event that cash boxes will be required.

-- Cash boxes and calculators are kept at the PTC Treasurer’s house. Please arrange a mutually convenient time to pick up your cash boxes and calculators from her house before your event. She will provide the actual cash on the day of the event.

-- Please arrange a time with the PTC Treasurer to return the cash boxes, counted money, and any calculators borrowed. Do not leave money in her mailbox. Please make sure that you have completed the Cash Box Request Form ending cash box balances. The Treasurer will recount the money and verify your balances. If there are any discrepancies, she will notify you.

Check Reimbursement Procedures

-- Complete a Check Request Form on Ogden’s website by clicking the link. Supporting receipts are to be submitted to the PTC Treasurer separately. Expenses should be submitted promptly, preferably within the same month of the event.

-- The Treasurer will deliver the check to your house unless you specify differently.

-- If you do not wish to front the money, you can get a check written out to the vendor from the Treasurer in advance of a purchase. She will need advance notice of at least one week. She will still need to have the Check Request Form completed, with receipts for her records.

-- If you plan on purchasing from Sam’s Club, please arrange with the Treasurer to get the Sam’s Club card and a check in advance for your purchase. Ogden PTC has a tax exempt account set up with Sam’s Club.

-- Tax Exemption Forms can be found in the PTC mailbox (the same slot below the treasurer’s mailbox). These forms are needed to exclude sales tax from Ogden PTC purchases. Currently, you should use the District 102 Tax Exempt form (which is also in the Forms mailbox) until the Ogden PTC Tax Exempt form is renewed.

Cash Procedures

To avoid putting anyone in the awkward position of having large amount of cash at home please handle cash as follows:

Please obtain the Night Depository key, lock bag with key, and deposit slips from the PTC Treasurer before your event.

Two people should count any cash collected at an event before leaving the event: a deposit request form and deposit slip should be prepared and initialed by both counters.

Deposits should be placed in the Night Depository at the First National Bank of LaGrange at 620 West Burlington in LaGrange. Please include the deposit worksheet as well as the bank’s deposit slip in the Night Depository lock bag. The Night Depository is located next to the Cash Station on the North West corner of the bank. Unlock the depository, place the locked bag in the slot and lock the depository.

The night deposit key should be returned to the Treasurer at the earliest convenience.


The Ogden PTC sponsors many programs and activities for our children. Fundraising programs provide the money needed to support the programs and parent volunteers provide the guidance, labor, and energy.


Parent Community Network A network of parents in the community that provide programs to educate and inform parents about issues relevant to raising children in today's world. They put on such programs as Parent University and the Positive Parenting Network seminars, and publish the quarterly PCN newsletter that comes home in Ogden student's Friday envelopes. The PTC supports the PCN based on their requests for donations and support.

PIMA The Parents Instrumental Music Association is a parent organization that supports the band and orchestra programs throughout District 102. PIMA raises approximately $10,000 per year to fund uniform purchases and cleaning, field trips, guest performers, social activities and equipment purchases that are not funded by the School District funds.

Science Center The PTC donates varying amounts each year, based on need, to support the care and feeding of the animals at the District 102 Science Center.

Beautification The PTC makes various contributions to the school environment, such as the playground, landscaping, and fans.

Classroom Supplies The PTC makes an annual donation to teachers for classroom supplies.

LRC - Ogden Library The PTC contributes as needed toward books, videos, cameras and technology, such as software.

Teachers' Wish Lists The PTC contributes to curricular and non-curricular items requested by Ogden staff, when possible.


PTC Bylaws contain descriptions of PTC positions, guidelines, and committees. These Bylaws are reviewed and, if needed, updated every two years in the spring.

Ogden PTC ByLaws (Revised April 2016)

Committee Descriptions, Procedures and Information

Each committee chair must submit a document to the PTC President documenting the tasks, goals and timelines for the activities handled by their committees. This documentation will assist future committees, and will be posted on this website.

General Procedures for All Committee Chairpersons

General Committee Information
There are mailboxes for the Executive Board and most PTC committees to the left of the copier in the school office.  There are also some larger bins just behind Lorraine for committees who are actively receiving mail from Ogden families. 

Please check your box periodically for mail.

Weekly PTC Email
A weekly email goes out to Ogden parents from the PTC President. If a committee needs any information conveyed in relation to their event, please submit your information through the online process by Friday prior to the week you wish it to appear.

Thanking Volunteers
All Committee Chairs should ensure that they keep a complete list of all their volunteers. The volunteers list should be submitted to the PTC President so these volunteers can be thanked in the upcoming newsletter and/or weekly email.

Submitting Items for PTC Meeting Discussion
If you wish to submit items for discussion at an upcoming PTC meeting, contact any one of the Executive Board Members. Such items must be submitted to an Executive Board Member before the Executive Board Meeting, which is held directly before the Wednesday PTC Meeting. See the calendar for a listing of these meetings.

CLIC Insurance Certificates
This pertains to fundraisers held off Ogden School grounds, for example Quiz Night. The Certificates are obtained by contacting the PTC President. If the certificates are not available online to the President, they can be obtained by contacting John Segvich at the District 102 offices.

Once the Certificates are filled out, they can be emailed to the email address listed on the certificate. They are then emailed or faxed to the location of the event. Be sure to add a contact person at the event location. Always put the event location as the certificate holder.

Reserving a Room at School
If you wish to reserve a room at school, contact Lorraine at the front office. Please ask well in advance.

Executive Board Positions



Finalize all commitments for incoming committee chairs for upcoming year
Finalize calendar dates with teaching staff and incoming committee members*
Set date to meet with Principal Waldo in early summer to get dates set for major events
Give neccessary dates to

  • Hospitality for 1st Day Coffee
  • Social Programs for "Welcome Back Party"
  • Sponsor Families for Picnic


-Calendar meeting 
-Secure Contract for Yearbook and School Photos
-Copy PTC paperwork for Registration
-Get date and organize Registration stuffing



-Finalize volunteers/process for registration
-Check with all committees hosting upcoming events (Social, Health & Safety, Sponsor Family Picnic) & offer assistance if needed.
-Attend Sponsor Family Picnic (Exec Board should be in attendance)
-1st day Coffee (Arranged by Hospitality cmte).  Be sure to have something set up for afternoon kdg as well.  
-Apply for School Building Use for all PTC/Exec board meetings
-Work with VP Communications to prepare first weekly email


Prepare for 1st PTC meeting (invitations should go out in 1st weekly emails and on Website)

  • Hold exec board meeting before to ensure everything is being covered and we are prepared for larger discussion
  • Hand out list of dates for Exec board of Roundtable mtgs/PTC & all exec board dates
  • Prepare agenda & post 24 hrs prior  
  • Work with Treasurer to prepare proposed budget (Be sure year end budget is adjusted to reflect all outstanding bills and bank statement is balanced)

Attend Round table meeting (bring copies of Calendar for all schools & Bd members along with proposed budget)

  • Approved budget for round table should be prepared on a specific form which can be attained through Carol Norvilas (482-2400 ext 2024) in the Dist office if you did not receive it during the Sept meeting (in 2013 this happened at October roundtable)
  • VP of Fundraising should submit list of vendors
  • Get date for Ogden to host Round table & arrange to have someone provide refreshments (Hospitality Committee)

-Compile list of Newsletter dates/deadlines from Office
-Prepare & distribute letter to staff offering Email services for periodic volunteer help when needed and offer to add weekly email updates.


-Prepare weekly newsletters. 

-Support Book Fair endeavors/recruit volunteers via weekly posts

-Work with Principal Waldo to gather gift ideas for each grade level for December.

-Help Red Sled chairs with any ongoing needs.

-Purchase/wrap gifts for each classroom

-Write out notes for each teacher & Target Gift Card

-Principal Waldo – Donate Books in her honor to LRC + Target gift card


-Weekly newsletter

-Finalize & Support all Red Sled Duties

-Contact Santa – John Lorenzen (51 Malden, 708-354-3034,  Confirm date and times with Principal Waldo.  Santa visits take all day.  Get John the Santa Suit.   Gave him a $30 Gift card for his time.


- support Variety Show commitee as necessary

-Schedule Santa visit (Principal Waldo made up detailed schedule in 2012)
-Purchase flowers for Ms LeGare at the Winter Concert

  • (Corsage or small plant presented at the end of the day concert, bouquet at the end of the evening)
  • Choose one of the children to present it to her at the end of each concert.


-Begin sending out information to plan for next year’s committees/recruit new volunteers
-Begin committee selection for next year's Board members
-Select nominating committee for Exec Board positions that need to be filled
-Appoint a By-Law Review committee (done every other even year in January)
-Get dates for Golf Outing set with volunteers if it's going to happen


-Continue filling committees for upcoming year
-School supplies volunteer should begin preparing forms for teachers supply list
-Update Ogden Scholarship forms (contact at LT is Lianne Musser 708.579-6357)
-Contact Hospitality Committee regarding set up for March Roundtable meeting (encourage all Ogden Exec Board to attend)

-Recruit helpers & attend Kdg Registration day (Contact Hospitality Committee to set up refreshments)
-Continue working on Committee Chairs
-Follow up w/ any unfinished Yearbook questions if needed
-Begin pulling together calendar dates for all committees
-Purchase flowers for Ms Johnson at the Spring Concert

  • (Corsage presented at the end of the day concert, bouquet at the end of the evening)
  • Choose one of the children to present it to her at the end of each concert.

Confirm Rain Date for Field Days


-Post slate of officers w/ at least 30 Days prior to May Meeting
-Gifts for outgoing 6th grade families prepared for end of school
-Continue to finalize calendar dates for upcoming year
-Make sure book Fair/Ice Cream Social/Art Enrichment Showcase are coming together for event
-Encourage 6th grade fundraiser
-Have Plaques engraved for:

  • Scholarship – in hallway near corner
  • Presidents - ????
  • 6th Grade Legacy Project


-Gather/update all paperwork to be included in summer registration mailings
-Finalize Calendar dates
-Collect committee folders/info to pass along to incoming chair persons
-Installation of new officers
-Thank you party???
-Gift for 6th grade families
-Work on PTC forms for upcoming year

-Weekly Newsletters
-One week before PTC meeting, create Agenda, gather topics and post 1 day prior to meeting
-Attend Roundtable meetings (6x per year)
-Email Thank you’s to committee chairs
-Thank Volunteers for PTC events in weekly communication
-Followup with all upcoming PTC chair events to be sure they have what they need.


The Executive Vice-President supports the activities of the President and help wherever needed.  In the event the President cannot attend a meeting, the Executive Vice-President presides in the President’s place.

The Executive Vice-President

  • is in charge of all official PTC correspondence duties
  • provides support for all committee heads, as needed
  • maintains and monitors PTC Operating Guidelines, which are available on-line
  • has responsibility to fill all committee chair positions for the following year

This is an Executive Board Position.

VP Communications

Vice-President/Communications The Vice-President of Communications helps coordinate communication with the PTC, as well as with the other District 102 PTC/PTO's. The position was added as an Executive Board position in 2002-03.

Main Responsibilities

--Compose and mail the weekly PTC email newsletter every Friday
--Compose ad hoc communications as requested throughout the school year
--Maintain the Ogden PTC Website
--Create and distribute the annual Ogden directoy booklet
--Monitor the PTC email box; either reply to the emails or forward them to the appropriate committee chair
--Create and maintain the various email lists, using the PTC Directory System (an online, security controlled database)
--Maintain the privacy of all personal information contained in the Directory Database and email lists
--Ensure adherence to the PTC and School's communications procedures
--Attend PTC Exec Board and General Meetings (1X per month)

Communications Procedures

Timeline of Activities for the VP - Communications

VP Fundraising

  • Assist and manage chairs of existing fundraisers.
  • Seek out new potential fundraisers as needed and present at the PTC meetings.
  • Attend monthly PTC meetings.

VP Social

VP Red Sled


The Treasurer is the custodian of all funds of the PTC

  • make all PTC deposits to the appropriate financial institutions
  • write checks for all approved PTC expenses
  • prepare and present the budget to both the PTC and to the Superintendent
  • prepare and submit to the PTC monthly financial statements illustrating both actual and budgeted amounts
  • Coordinate with committee chairs before each event to facilitate the handling of cash box drop off and pick up. Attend any PTC function that requires the Treasurer’s presence.
  • attend Executive Board Meetings


The Secretary of the PTC is responsible for keeping a correct record of all meetings of the PTC and of the Executive Board. Minutes of each PTC meeting are presented and approved at the subsequent PTC meeting. Once approved, the minutes are posted on the PTC website. The position is an Executive Board position.

President Emeritus

The President Emeritus is an Executive Board position.  After the term of the President has expired, that person becomes President Emeritus.  The President Emeritus serves to provide continuity to the organization and to assist the new President where necessary.

Specific Committee Descriptions, Procedures and Information

Ogden Avenue School’s rich history of volunteers has helped to make it a great school. Your kids love to have you volunteer, you meet new and old friends, and Ogden benefits from your donation of time. It’s a WIN / WIN situation!

There are a wide variety of groups, some socially focused, some educationally focused. Visit the individual opportunity listings below for descriptions of some of the ways you can help.

Volunteering can involve a commitment of once a week, once a month, or just plain once! Click here to view available opportunities and to sign up!  We would love to see you throughout the year, even if you can only volunteer for an hour! It will make a difference!!!

If you would like to know more about helping on any of the PTC committees, you can email any one of the committee chairs, or contact the Volunteer Coordinator.

Art Enrichment

You don’t need to have a degree in art history, or even be artsy for this one…you just need to enjoy introducing new things to the children in a fun, creative manner. The Art Enrichment program coordinates parent volunteers to go into the classrooms and “teach” the children about a particular artist or type of art. A basic curriculum with lesson plans (to be reviewed and updated if necessary by the committee chairs) is in place to give guidance by grade level and offer introductory information about artists, etc. Supplies are available at school and are maintained by the committee chairpersons. A kick-off meeting is held at the beginning of the year and a “Showcase” night is coordinated with the Ice Cream social in the spring.

Two or three parent volunteers are needed in every classroom. Ideally, they will visit the classroom once per month to lead an art appreciation discussion and an age appropriate art project. A grid with monthly topics for each grade is given out at the beginning of the year and posters of the art works are provided. The curriculum for each grade level and month is available on the Art Enrichment website. Folders with information on the artists and project ideas are available, as well as materials for planning the activities.

Contact the appropriate Committee Chair for more information or to volunteer.

Budget: $1950.00

  • Kick-off supplies
  • Art supplies
  • Art History posters /  books / lesson plans
  • Exhibition materials
  • Volunteer educational opportunities


  • Minimum of 2 volunteers per classroom
  • 4 - 6 committee members


  • Conduct "Kick-Off" meeting
  • Stock and maintain art closet with needed supplies and materials (both art supplies and literature)
  • Review and amend art lesson plan and curriculum
  • Ongoing management and guidance of volunteers
  • Organize and execute Art Enrichment spring art exhibition (in conjunction with Ice Cream Social and Book Fair)


  • Summer
  • September
    • Organize volunteers
    • Make packets for volunteers
    • Order supplies
    • Hold "Kick-off" meeting
  • October - December
    • Maintain art closet
    • Ongoing guidance of volunteers
  • January - March
    • Same as October - December
    • Prepare, plan and organize art exhibition
  • April
    • Same as January - March
    • Hold art exhibition
  • May
    • Calculate budget for next year
    • Make recommendations for next year
    • Final lessons
    • Clean art closet

Book Fair

Read any good books lately? How about selling some? This committee works with two different vendors to raise money for our school through organized book fairs in the Fall and Spring. These events usually coordinate with other school activities that occur int the evening (like the Ice Cream Social) and take about 15-20 volunteers (volunteers’ names are acquired through the volunteer coordinator) to help unpack, organize and work as cashiers during the sale then clean up. The committee works closely with both vendors to help ensure smooth transactions and orders. What better way to promote good reading habits in your home & school?

Contact the appropriate Committee Chair for more information or to volunteer.


How is your budget primarily used:


  • About 15-20 volunteers are required to set up, work as cashiers and clean up after.


What Worked

What Didn't Work


  • Spring Book Fair
    • Held in October
    • Sign contract with <vendor> in <month>
    • Start promoting 1 month prior to event
  • Fall Book Fair
    • Held in March
    • Sign contract with <vendor> in <month>
    • Start promoting 1 month prior to event

Box Tops

More money for nothing?!? This fundraising committee chair keeps track of the “Big G Box Top” collections throughout the year. Every few weeks/months the box tops are collected at school, snipped and counted into bundles of 10 to be turned in to General Mills in exchange for money which is used to purchase playground equipment.


How is your budget primarily used:



What Worked

What Didn't Work



Friendly competition! This acronym, CPCFRO (Congress Park, Cossitt, Forest Road, Ogden) is descriptive of the committee that runs a sporting program for 5th & 6th grade students to promote friendly competition in basketball & volleyball games between all 4 District elementary schools. Distributing flyers and permission slips, running skills testing and team placement as well as acquiring team coaches is what this one entails. Each sport runs for a period of 6 - 8 weeks and includes both a boys team and a girls team for each sport.

Parent volunteers organize and coach teams which play intramural games at Park Junior High or Ogden School. Practices are generally an hour in length and games are usually played Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday evening between 6 and 9 pm. Typically 8-10 games are played in each sport.

The philosophy of the program is to promote reasonable competition and team work. The key objective is to give every player, no matter his or her skill level, a chance to play, have fun, and learn a little in the process.

The Girls Basketball season runs from September though November.

The Boys Volleyball season runs from October through December.

The Boys Basketball season runs from January through March.

The Girls Volleyball season runs from February through April.

If you have any questions, please contact the Ogden CPCFRO Reps.


5th and 6th grade parents should look for sign-up sheets in their weekly PTC email a few weeks before each sport starts its season. On that form you will need to indicate your mandatory volunteer duty, which includes coaching a team or becoming a team parent or hallway monitor.

Coaching: Coaching experience is not necessary. CPCFRO Reps will help novices. You will need one hour per evening, 2-3 evenings a week for a period of 6-8 weeks. It is recommended that no more than 2 parents share the coaching duties and distribute the time commitment.

Team Parents: Organize parent volunteers who will provide hallway supervision during games.

Hallway Monitor: Supervise the halls and gyms during games at Ogden Elementary School for one hour. The monitor's main duty is to oversee student behavior and compliance with the CPCFRO guidelines listed below.

Ogden's CPCFRO Rep is responsible for organizing the teams, coaches, and team parents.

To assure a fun and smoothly running program, the following guidelines have evolved:

--Participants are to be accompanied by a coach, and student spectators need to be accompanied by parents or guardians.

--Student participants and spectators are not to wander school hallways, enter classrooms, or play under bleachers.

--No food, drinks, or water bottles in the gyms.

--Only student participants may play with volleyball and basketball equipment.

--Encourage players, avoid negative, derogatory, or confrontational cheering.

--Officials and CPCFRO representatives may terminate games or expel players for unsportsmanlike conduct or lack of adherence to School District 102 or CPCFRO rules by spectators or players.

ZERO TOLERANCE: CPCFRO has zero tolerance for disrespectful or violent behavior, overly aggressive play, and poor sportsmanship among players and spectators. High school referees are not to be heckled or confronted. Concerns regarding referee and other matters should be brought to CPCFRO Representatives. Infractions of above rules result in a nonrefundable forfeiture of student participation or closure of the sports program.


The Calendar chairperson works with the PTC President and the principal to collect dates for the upcoming school year and formats the actual calendar. The calendar is posted online and a condensed version is included in the school directory. Updates are made throughout the year, as appropriate, and new versions are posted.

Contact the appropriate Committee Chair for more information or to volunteer.



Chorus Volunteers

Mrs. LeGare (Ogden's Music teacher) needs chaperons for the Chorus trip to Yorktown in December and help with the Chorus pizza party in May.

Contact Mrs. LeGare for more information or to volunteer.

Computer Parent - 1st Grade

1st Grade parents are needed to assist in their child’s classroom one hour a week during the school year.

Contact any of the 1st grade teachers for more information or to volunteer.

Cultural Programs

Let me introduce you to my friend, Benjamin Franklin.  Sound strange? The Cultural Programs chairpersons plan all cultural assemblies for the year. In 2012-13, Native American Culture, Farm Truck and a 6th grade teams course were the highlights of the year. They are given a budget to work with and try to coordinate dates with trimester endings, or the days just before a break. 3-4 all-school assemblies are coordinated per year. One of the chairs, the PTC President or Principal Waldo may introduce the assemblies, but other than that, they are self-sustained.

Contact the appropriate Committee Chair for more information or to volunteer.

Budget: $6,000, which covers 3 all school assemblies

Responsibilities: The Cultural Assemblies Co-Chairs work closely with the Principal to select the assemblies for the year. Once they have been selected, the Co-Chairs plan the assemblies, coordinate with the ‘vendors’, and handle the financial transactions. The PTC President or the Principal may introduce an assembly; otherwise, the performance / assembly is self-sustained.


  • July - August
    • search for future assemblies
    • organize dates for upcoming school year calendar
  • September -
    • meet with Principal Waldo to solidify dates and approve suggested assemblies
  • September - June
    • attend and assist at all assemblies


Call Me… The directory committee collects teacher information and student data from registration and compiles it into a concise, easy to read “phone book” that lists each student by class, as well as alphabetically. Once the information has been compiled, cross referenced, type-set and proofed, the job is bid out to local printers for the actual printing of these books. The books are then distributed to all families early in the school year.

Contact the appropriate Committee Chair for more information or to volunteer.

Budget: $900

How is your budget primarily used: it pays for the cost of printing the books

Volunteers: This is a 1 or 2 person job - one to do the data work and layout and one to deal with printing and distribution, or one person to do the entire thing. 

Responsibilities and Timeline: 

  • In May, produce a directory and email sign-up form to be included in the Registration Packets.  This form can be produced using data from the PTC Directory Database, for those families returning to Ogden the following year.
  • Collect these forms at Registration and update the PTC Directory Database with any new information.
  • Obtain class listings from the School Office on Registration Day, get an update on the first day of school, and get a final listing after the 2nd week of school.  Verify with the office that the class listings have stabilized.
  • Place each student into the correct classroom in the Directory Database.
  • Do a mail-merge from the Directory Database into the Directory format.
  • Add additional pages, such as teacher and staff contact information, PTC Committee Information, District contacts, and class listings.
  • Design a cover.
  • Submit the completed draft for final approval from the school office.
  • Once approved, send directory to the printer - Allow for one directory for each family, one for each teacher, one for each office staff, and about 50 extras for people who want to purchase additional copies.
  • Distribute the Directories to classrooms, Family Count.
  • Maintain the database throughout the year, updating any new email and address information as well as adding any new students.
  • An optional update to the Directory can be distributed at mid-year.


The Donations Committee oversees PTC charitable donations and collections.

Timeline: TBD

Key Documents:
Scholarship Application
Application is electronically sent to LT Career Office and they distribute it.

Scholarship Letter to LT
Sample of letter which accompanies check to LT Career Office.

Scholarship Application Notice for Newsletter
Sample article for Ogden Newsletter to notify parents of upcoming scholarship.

LTHS Prom Donation Letter
Sample letter to accompany check to LT for donation to their prom.

Field Days

Parent volunteers are needed to assist with the events/games planned for this day of fun! This event takes place during the last week of school. Grades K-3 will be held in the morning. Grades 4-6 will be held in the afternoon.

Contact the appropriate Committee Chair for more information or to volunteer.


Fun Fair

Indoor games and activities held on a Saturday in the school gym. This fair is held every odd-numbered year, in March.

Contact the appropriate Committee Chair for more information or to volunteer.



General Office Help

Occasionally, the school secretaries are in need of help in the school office photocopying. If you are interested in helping out one morning or afternoon a week or filling in when needed, consider this option. This is a one person two times per week or two persons one time per week job.

Contact Polly Peterson in the school office for more information or to volunteer.


Coffee, Tea or Volunteer? The hospitality committee serves coffee and small snacks during school events. The first day of school offers a Parent Welcome Coffee run by this committee, as well as hosting the PTC/PTO Roundtable Meeting in the Spring. Supplies are purchased through the treasurer and are available at the school. Any volunteers needed aside from the 2-3 committee chairs can be acquired from the volunteer coordinator.

Contact the appropriate Committee Chair for more information or to volunteer.

LRC Volunteers

Parent volunteers are needed to work one half day every other week in the LRC a/k/a library during their child’s library time. Volunteers help students locate books, file books being returned and assist the LRC staff in many other ways.

Contact Mrs. Bledsoe in the library for more information or to volunteer.

Original Artworks

Students create artwork which is available for parents to purchase in a variety of formats, such as stationary, shirts, and magnets. This program is run one to two times per year, and is done in coordination with the Art curriculum and with the assistance of the Art teacher.

Contact the appropriate Committee Chair for more information or to volunteer.


How is your budget primarily used:



What Worked

What Didn't Work


Quiz Night

Are you smarter than the Quiz Night Committee? This committee plans and coordinates 2 social events that raise money for the school each year. Originally based on the game show “Who Wants to be a Millionaire”, this committee took it a step further and compiled all types of trivia questions to be presented to team tables. Dates are set according to an available venue in the area, promotional notices are distributed via email and $$ is collected based on participation. Prizes are compiled and awarded throughout this fun-filled evening.

Budget: $700 expense, generates ~$3,000 revenue

  • Prizes
  • Tablecloths

Volunteers:  needed for set-up before and clean-up after the event.

Responsibilities: 2 Quiz Nights – 1 fall, 1 spring


  • 2 – 3 months prior to the event
    • Secure venue
  • 1 month prior to the event
    • Planning and development of questions
    • Start advertising event – develop flyer and website story
  • Closer to the event
    • Obtain laptop and projector for scoring
    • Get prizes
    • Purchase tablecloths
  • Follow up, distribute a follow up questionnaire for table leads

Reading Olympics

3rd Grade parents are needed to help out one hour per week over a 10-week period. Volunteers will listen to students report on books that they have read. This job can be shared by various parents.

The schedule is coordinated by the classroom teacher. Contact the 3rd grade teachers for more information or to volunteer.

Red Sled

This is Ogden Avenue School’s major fundraiser of the year, set for the first weekend in November every year. Volunteers are needed to decorate the night before, bake goodies for the Bake Sale, work at the bake table, work in the Café, sell raffle tickets, assist with publicity, be a parking monitor in the early morning when crafters are arriving, take pictures with Santa, man Candycane Lane, and clean up after the event.

For more information visit the Red Sled website.

Room Parent Program

Visit the Room Parent Pages of this website for all your forms and procedures.

School Pictures

School pictures are taken once a year, in the fall, with one retake day.

Activity group shots are taken in the winter.

Contact the appropriate Committee Chair for more information or to volunteer.


No budget required.  Those purchasing pictures make checks payable directly to the photography company.


Parent Volunteers are needed to help coordinate getting the students from their classrooms to the room where the photographer is set up. Timing requirements include one full day and a few hours on re-take days. Consider helping make our students look their best!


What Worked

What Didn't Work


  • Chair coordinates signing contract for next year's school portraits will the Yearbook chair and PTC President.  This happens in the spring.
  • Receive and distribute order forms a few weeks prior to picture day
  • Compose email notification to parents regarding date of photo shoot and order procedures.  Submit email through Approval process for inclusion in weekly PTC emails.

School Spirit

Parent volunteers are needed to help at various times throughout the year with the distribution of Green Bagels in March and Ogden School Spirit clothing (i.e. t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, etc) orders in the fall/spring.

Green Bagel Day usually takes all morning on 3/17, and the sorting of the spirit wear usually takes about 3-4 hours at someone's house one day in Fall and one day in Spring.

This committee also coordinates the Welcome Back gift for students, which is typically an Ogden School water bottle.

Contact the appropriate Committee Chair for more information or to volunteer.


How is your budget primarily used:



What Worked

What Didn't Work


School Supplies

Kits containing the appropriate supplies for each grade level are available for purchase in the Spring, for the following school year. A list of supplies needed for the current school year is available on this site.

Contact the appropriate Committee Chair for more information or to volunteer.


How is your budget primarily used:



What Worked

What Didn't Work


Science Center Parent Enrichment Council

Wizards and Physics and Science, Oh My! This committee chairperson acts as a liaison between the school and the district run Science Center. Monthly meetings (generally held the 1st Friday morning of each month), information distribution and help in coordinating Science Center activities and volunteers for those activities. Programs held in 2007-2008 were: School of Wizardry, Physics Enforcers, and Science Expo among others.

Contact the appropriate Committee Chair for more information or to volunteer.

Budget: Our budget is funded through District 102.  There are separate accounts for curriculum materials, equipment (i.e., tables, chairs, chalk boards, etc.), animal care, after school programs, butterfly habitat and pond.  All are funded by a Science Center activity account, which receives its funding from donations.

Volunteers: The Parent Enrichment Council has volunteers from all District 102 schools.  Most schools have 1 - 2 volunteers.  These volunteers are active with after-school programs at the Science Center.


  • Monthly meetings - we meet on the 1st Friday of every month at 9:00.  Meetings may run 2 hours.
  • There has been a large focus on garnering grants to supplement the Science Center activity account.  Not all members were involved or interested in the grant proposal process.
  • Meetings also involve planning of afterschool programs (who would volunteer, brain-storming, etc).  Programs can include Worlds of Wizardry, Physics Enforcers, Science Expo, etc.
  • Ensure that program information gets back to each school.

General Info:

  • There are afterschool activities every month, so planning each program is a meeting focus.
  • Science Center reps must be available for ALL Friday morning meetings.

Sixth Grade Committee

This committee organizes and runs one fundraising event which funds a gift to Ogden from the outgoing 6th graders.

This group also runs one social event for the 6th graders and assists the 6th graders in doing one service project.

Contact the appropriate Committee Chair for more information or to volunteer.

Visit the 6th Grade webpages for more detail on this committee's activities.

Social Programs

This committee is all Fun & Games…at least that’s what we plan!

Throughout the year, a handful of activities are planned for our Ogden families. The year begins in September with the ever-popular Back-To-School Party. This event hosts games, a cake walk, crafts, face painting, tattoos and a live DJ as well as barbeque-style food available for purchase. Like a block party for the community!

The Social Programs Committee also organizes events like an Ogden Night at the Chicago Wolves game, Flying High Pizza Fun Days during school days off and the annual Ice Cream Social that coordinates with the Spring Book Fair, Art Enrichment Showcase and Technology Night.

Ideally, this committee consists of 4-5 coordinators and multiple volunteers at each event.

Flying High


How is your budget primarily used:



What Worked

What Didn't Work


Welcome Back Party

Volunteers are needed to set up games and activities, run games and activities, and distribute and sell snacks.  The party runs from 4 -6 p.m. on a Saturday in early September. Shifts are broken up so that volunteers can still enjoy the party with their families. Family friendly!

Contact the Social Committee Chair for more information or to volunteer.


How is your budget primarily used:


Need 25 volunteers.  Since this event occurs the weekend of the 2nd week of school, it is imperative to get the names from the Volunteer Coordinator ASAP.


What Worked

What Didn't Work

Started planning in July

  • Book the date
  • Plan food
  • Plan games
  • Prepare information to go out the first week of school
  • Organize volunteers
  • Submit Building Use Form (see Lorraine in the school office to obtain and submit this form)

Wolves Game


How is your budget primarily used:


No Volunteers needed


What Worked

What Didn't Work


  • Book event in November
  • Minimum 50 people
  • No deposit required
  • Prepare information to go out 1 month prior to event

Ice Cream Social


How is your budget primarily used:


Need 12 - keeping in mind that it is held the same day as the Spring Book Fair.  Need to coordinate volunteer shifts between the 2 and/or have different people.


What Worked

What Didn't Work


  • Held in April, in conjunction with Spring Book Fair and Art Enrichment Exhibition
  • Start planning in March
    • Coordinate with Book Fair committee
    • Organize volunteers
    • Order Ice Cream and toppings.  Cups, spoons, napkins
    • Plan for clean-up
    • Prepare information to go out 1 month prior to event

Sponsor Family Program

Remember when your family was new to Ogden School? Sign up to be a Sponsor Family and help welcome a new family to the Ogden community. Commitment includes contacting the new family in August to see if they have any questions or concerns. Then if possible join them at our Sponsor Family Picnic, held each August, to get acquainted in person. Pizza and dessert are provided!

This is an especially great program for those of you with an incoming kindergartner. What a fantastic way for your child to meet some of his or her new classmates!

Please contact the Sponsor Family coordinator to volunteer and we will contact you with more details about the program.

The annual Sponsor Family Picnic is held on the Saturday prior to the first day of school from 4-6pm at Memorial Park.


Activities are scheduled throughout the Spring and Summer months. Click the links below for specific activities for each timeframe.

Early April to Mid-May

Set Dates and PR

--Determine date of picnic in conjunction with school and PTC Board.

--The following was sent out in the weekly PTC email several times in the month of May:
The Sponsor Family Committee needs you!!!!

Remember when your family was new to Ogden School? Sign up and help welcome a new family to the Ogden Community. Commitment includes contacting the new family in August to see if they have any questions or concerns. Then, if possible, join them at our Sponsor Family picnic on Saturday <ENTER DATE> from 4pm-6pm at Memorial Park to get acquainted in person. Pizza and dessert are provided.

This is especially great if you have an incoming Kindergartener - what a great way to meet some of his or her new classmates! Please contact <ENTER NAME> at <ENTER EMAIL ADDRESS> or call <ENTER PHONE> to volunteer.

--The below was posted on the website under volunteer opportunities:
Sponsor Family Picnic

Remember when your family was new to Ogden School? Sign up to be a Sponsor Family and help welcome a new family to the Ogden community. Commitment includes contacting the new family in August to see if they have any questions or concerns. Then if possible join them at our Sponsor Family Picnic, held each August, to get acquainted in person. Pizza and dessert are provided! This is an especially great program for those of you with an incoming kindergartner. What a fantastic way for your child to meet some of his or her new classmates!

Please contact the Sponsor Family coordinator to volunteer and we will contact you with more details about the program.

The following was on the front page of the PTC website most of the summer:
Join your Sponsor Family at our Sponsor Family Picnic!

When: Saturday <ENTER DATE>, 4:00 - 6:00pm Where: Memorial Park

Get acquainted in person with the other new families at Ogden and some of the "old timer" families!. Pizza and dessert are provided!

This is an especially great program for those of you with an incoming Kindergartner. What a fantastic way for your child to meet some of his or her new classmates!

--All notification and most correspondence was done via email, no hard copy flyers were sent out.

--Memorial Park was reserved through the Community Park District of LaGrange Park. The fee is waived if you indicate you are from Ogden School.

--The Ogden Multi-Purpose room should also be reserved as a back up rain location. A form needs to be completed requesting the use of the premises. The form is available at the Ogden Front office.


--We contacted the school office for a new family list, but were unable to obtain one.

--A spreadsheet was put together with all the sponsor family names and information to get ready for the emails sent in August.


--We were able to get a new family list via email 2 days after registration. Getting the list earlier would have been helpful to get the word out. As soon as the list was received, Sponsor Families were assigned and emails sent with new family assignments. A hard copy letter was sent to new families indicating whom their Sponsor Family was.

--Suggestions for next years would be to see if the new family list could contain parent names and an email address.

--Almost every sponsor family had 2 new families. Letters contained information about the picnic with a request to RSVP to Leigh or Kristin. A follow up email was sent out the Monday before the picnic to Sponsor Families to remind them to RSVP and to request volunteers for the picnic.

--Central Purchasing was contacted to get basic picnic supplies (plates, napkins, cups, 2 rolls of paper towels). Only 1 roll of paper towels was opened, I would just get 1 for next year. Leftovers are returned to Central Purchasing for other PTC use.

Week of Picnic

--Monday before picnic an email was sent out to Sponsor Families to ask for volunteers - 2 families to work sign in table and 2 families to help clean up.

--Pizza order was placed on Friday before picnic. We used Domino's Pizza in Brookfield (708-447-9898). Pizzas were $7 a piece plus $1 extra per topping. We ordered 28 pizzas:

  • 15 cheese
  • 5 pepperoni
  • 5 sausage
  • 3 veggie

We had about 6 cheese pizzas left over.

--Supply list made, and supplies actually purchased Saturday morning of the picnic. Purchases from Sam's included:

  • desserts (5 packages of 32 count cookies)
  • 1 large bottle hand sanitizer
  • 1 package of 6 disposable tablecloths
  • 3 veggie trays with dip
  • snacks (1 box goldfish, 1 jar pretzels, 1 jar cheese puffs)
  • batteries (for the microphone)

Suggestions: We had 1 full veggie tray left over (I would only purchase 2 next year) and most of the hand sanitizer (I wouldn’t buy next year).

--Sponsor Families were asked to bring drinks of water or juice. We purposely didn’t ask for soda but some families brought it anyway.

Day of Picnic

--Supplies were picked up from Sam's Club. This could also be done the day before.

--3:15 Co-chairs arrive at park to set up welcome table with sign-in sheets and name tags (volunteers to arrive at 3:50 p.m.). Picnic tables covered and setup with snacks and hand sanitizer. We made a quick trip to Jewel to purchase a yellow jacket trap and spray.

--4:00 p.m. People arrive and mingle.

--4:45 p.m. Pizza arrived. Short welcome given by the principal and PTC President. Food served immediately afterwards.

--6 p.m. clean up --The final count was 43 families for a total count of 158 people. 8 families showed up that had not RSVPed.


Jewel Osco - $9.48
Domino's Pizza - $237.00 (includes $20.00 tip)
Sam's Club - $101.48

Total 2007 - $347.96

Previous Years:
2006: $495.91
2005: $455.08
2004: $472.34
The reason our total was so low:
--Email to all the Sponsor Families saved on postage
--For letters to new families leftover stamps from last year were used (new ones will need to be purchased for 2008)
--Leftover nametags and pens were used (new ones will be needed for 2008)
--We bought veggie trays with dip instead of salad - they were less expensive and we didn’t need to buy utensils.

Recommendations for Next Year

1. We ended up running to Jewel to buy a yellow jacket trap. If possible, buy one in advance and hang it that morning at the park so that bees will be gone before the picnic.

2. Plan to arrive early to empty garbage containers if necessary (park doesn’t empty on weekends) and put in fresh garbage bags.

3. Have 3 families volunteer to bring recycling bins to collect recycling and then take home.

4. See if Ogden office or PTC VP Communications can provide list with emails and parents names.

5. Email last year sponsor families in May to see if they want to participate on program again.

6. It is very difficult to get people’s attention at the park for speeches. I brought a cowbell from home which worked fairly well. We also tried bringing in a boom box and microphone so that people could hear the speeches - next year I would suggest having the principal bring in the bullhorn from school. Check with her first and also find out what batteries are needed for bullhorn.

7. I would not buy hand sanitizer next year as no one used it. Or, maybe get a very small bottle.

8. Make sure you have large garbage bags for the pizza boxes. The tops can be recycled if they aren’t oily.

Supplies Needed

--1 card table and 2 chairs
--Signs for table and 1 for pavillion
--First Aid Kit or 2 boxes band-aids (large and small) and Bactine
--Pizza serving utensils
--Wet wipes (hand sanitizer optional)
--Large garbage bags
--4 bags of ice and 2 coolers
--Name tags
--Sign-in / attendance sheets with pens
--Sharpie markers for name tags
--Bowls for snacks
--1 roll paper towels and napkins
--Bell for getting people’s attention

*Note: In addition to this report, hard copies of letters and forms are in the Sponsor Family Picnic file, along with a CD with all the electronic files and pictures of the 2007 event.

Staff Appreciation

Conference Day Breakfast

Staff Appreciation Week

Retirement Parties: Assist the Staff Appreciation Committee at an after school party for retiring Ogden staff, if any. Will need parents to decorate, serve and clean up.

Contact the appropriate Committee Chair for more information or to volunteer.


How is your budget primarily used:



What Worked

What Didn't Work


Teacher Helpers

This program is for 5th and 6th graders who wish to assist classroom teachers with activities such as copying, creating homework packets, and organizing the classroom.

Contact the appropriate Committee Chair for more information or to volunteer.


How is your budget primarily used:



What Worked

What Didn't Work


Variety Show

The Variety Show allows students to show off their talents to friends and family on one night, at Park Jr. High.

It is held every other year, in the spring of even numbered years. Parents are needed for program design, set design, music editing, and music coordination the night of the show.

Rehearsal Parents meet with several groups of students for rehearsal once/week for approximately eight weeks January - February.

In late February, Stage Parents are needed for help with two dress rehearsals and the evening of the show.

Contact the appropriate Committee Chair for more information or to volunteer.


How is your budget primarily used:



What Worked

What Didn't Work


Videotaper for Music Concerts

Mrs. LeGare (Ogden's Music teacher) needs someone to videotape each of the night time concerts. There is an evening concert in December and an evening concert in the Spring.

Contact Mrs. LeGare for more information or to volunteer.

Volunteer Coordinator

Help, anyone? This position involves recruiting and managing parent volunteers through the PTC website, as well as acting as liaison between the PTC and committee heads. A flyer describing available volunteer opportunities is updated and distributed along with registration materials over the summer. The parent volunteer coordinator is then responsible for updating and maintaining the PTC website database where volunteers sign up for positions. Volunteer positions are generally "opened" online by the coordinator the Monday before school officially begins. The coordinator then collects names, phone numbers and email addresses for volunteer opportunities and distributes a spreadsheet containing this information to committee heads. As events come up throughout the year, the Parent Volunteer Coordinator updates and distributes lists of volunteers to relevant parties.

Contact the appropriate Committee Chair for more information or to volunteer.

NOTE: This is a one person job.

Budget: n/a

Volunteers: none


  • Prepare volunteer listing to go in August mailing
  • Manage PTC Website Volunteer Sign-Up pages
  • Distribute lists of volunteers to committee chairs
  • Occasionally update or create pages for new activities/committees
  • Hours required: at least 40, but most is completed over several days
    • most time is spent at the beginning of the school year
    • a little time is also spent in the spring, putting together the volunteer sheets for the registration packets


  • May: Prepare list of volunteer opportunities with input from committees
  • August: Update PTC Website's Volunteer Sign-Up pages
  • Monday before the first day of school: Open registration forms on PTC Website
  • First few weeks of school: Distribute volunteer lists to committees
  • Throughout the school year: Distribute updated volunteer lists to committees as events approach



One to two Parent volunteers are needed per class to take photographs on behalf of that classroom/grade for any events (plays, parties, classroom functions, etc.) involving that classroom/grade.

Yearbooks are published annually.

Contact the appropriate Committee Chair for more information or to volunteer.

Example Pages

Collage Pages – assign pics for each section
Welcome Page
1st day of school and Welcome back pty
Classroom misc.
Immigration day
Baby pics and legend
Teacher Page
Good bye page
Variety Show
Show your green page
In appreciation, ptc board page
6th grade misc. page

Grade Level Representatives

We will need one volunteer from each grade level. Each grade level representative will make sure that all class activities will have pictures taken or submitted for the yearbook.  You will likely work with the room parents to accomplish this. These activities start on the first day of school.

You will need to have a good digital camera and be able to work with your computer for uploading/downloading images.

You will also help in selecting digital pictures for the yearbook, group picture day (1/2 day) and putting the yearbook together for submission to the printer.

Committee Forms

The following are some of the forms required by committee chairpersons.

Treasurer Forms

Check Request Form
Cash Box Request
Deposit Request

Sales Tax Exemption Form: Obtain letter from the PTC Treasurer

PTC News and Room Parent Forms

News Item Approval Form

Submit Your Committee Summary

The goal of the PTC is to have all the committee folder information maintained online, to make it easier for future committee chairs to know what to do, how it works, etc. No lost folders! No 5 year old, irrelevant information to weed through!

After your event is completed, please complete this form with your event / committee information, while it is fresh in your mind. If you prefer, you can email your notes to

Committee Listings

PTC Committees Visit the pages for descriptions of the many volunteer opportunities that are available. Complete the Volunteer sign-up form through the registration packet or online or contact one of the committee chairs.

Executive Board

PTC officers are elected to one or two year terms by the Executive Board. An orderly annual transition is assured by the selection of an executive vice-president who works closely with the President and succeeds the President when the President's term has expired.  Click below to see the current PTC executive board.

2016-2017 Executive Board

The PTC By-Laws contain descriptions of PTC positions, guidelines, and committees.

Committee Chair Listing

PTC Committee Chairs
Committee Chairpersons are listed below. They are your primary contacts for information on the specific activities supported by the PTC. If you need to contact them you can e-mail them* or look up their phone numbers in the Ogden School Directory.

*NOTE: When emailing people in this listing, please be sure to use the BCC function in your email program rather than using the TO function. If you need help with this please contact us at or by using the Feedback form on this website. Thank You!

2016 - 2017 Committee Chair Listing

Click the links above to view and print the listings.

PTC Meetings

PTC Meetings are held at 7:00pm on the first Wednesday of each month in the Ogden School library.  All meetings are open to the Ogden School parent and teacher community.  Please join us!  Click on the attachments below to see the minutes from the meeting.


Ogden PTC General Mtg_Sept 2015.pdf305.33 KB
Minutes Ogden PTC Monthly General Meeting October 2015.pdf99.49 KB
Ogden PTC Monthly Meeting General - November 2015.pdf99.62 KB
Ogden PTC Monthly Exec Meeting December 2015.pdf92.6 KB
Ogden PTC Monthly Meeting Exec Board January 2016.pdf94.35 KB
Ogden Avenue School PTC Exec Meeting Feb 3 2016.pdf93.92 KB
Ogden PTC Monthly Meeting Exec Board March 2016.pdf97.42 KB
Ogden Avenue School PTC Monthly Meeting - May 2016.pdf53.57 KB
Ogden PTC Monthly Meeting -April 2016.pdf48.32 KB
OgdenAvenueSchoolPTCMonthlyMeetingSeptember2016.pdf63.88 KB
Ogden Avenue School PTC Monthly Meeting - October 2016.pdf47.68 KB
Ogden Avenue School PTC Monthly Meeting November 2016.pdf46.48 KB
Ogden Avenue School PTC Monthly Meeting - December 2016.pdf51.96 KB
PTCNotesJanuary112017.pdf34.97 KB
OgdenAvenueSchoolPTCMonthlyMeetingFebruary2017.pdf60.17 KB