Act Guidelines

Ogden's Rainbow of Talent Variety Show will be held on Saturday, February 28th at 2:00pm at the Park Jr. High School auditorium. Those interested in performing an act in the show must READ THE FOLLOWING GUIDELINES AND PROCEDURES along with their parents, fill out the required forms, and return them by FRIDAY, December 15th at 3:15pm to the box in the main office. Late forms will not be accepted.

1. A variety of acts are encouraged—singing, playing a musical instrument, dancing, skits, magic, comedy, juggling, or any other unique talent!

2. All performers must be current Ogden students in grades 1-6.


4. Students may only perform in ONE ACT.

5. Props and costumes needed during an act must be provided by the act participants. Chairs, music stands, and microphones will be available at the school.

6. Singers should use the karaoke version of a song. The student singer will be drowned out if the song has the lead vocalist’s voice on the recording.

7. ALL LYRICS MUST BE APPROPRIATE IN EVERY WAY. This includes any song being sung, performed instrumentally, or used in a dance. A “clean” or “radio edit” version of a song with explicit lyrics is NOT acceptable. Unacceptable song lyrics include words not allowed in Ogden classrooms, as well as references to drinking, drugs, sex, violence, or behavior unbecoming of an elementary aged student.

8. A song may only be used ONCE in the variety show. Acts with a song selection already chosen by another act will be asked to choose a new song. Songs are approved as completed act information packets are turned in with preference given to acts whose paperwork is turned in first. Since a song may only be used one time during the variety show, there is a procedure for how to fairly approve song choice based on submission. The act that first submits its paperwork will have first priority to the song. Paperwork is considered complete when the Act Information Sheet, the Contract Form for each person in the act, and the original lyrics are stapled together into a packet. Submission packets will be collected daily, and the adult representative will be notified within 48 hours of the acceptance or duplication of the song choice. There is space available on the Act Information Sheet for two alternate song choices.

9. Acts may only use ONE SONG. Mixes and cuts/splices of multiple songs are not permitted.

10. Acts must be fully prepared to perform by the first group rehearsal date. Group rehearsals are held to give students a chance to perform in front of an audience and to set the flow of the upcoming show. Much of the group rehearsals will also be used to teach participants the large group dances. There will not be much time to work on individual acts during the group rehearsals. AS A RESULT, STUDENTS ARE EXPECTED TO POLISH THEIR ACTS OUTSIDE OF THE GROUP REHEARSAL DATES.

11. Each family of student(s) participating in the variety show MUST have an adult volunteer for a slot on the online Variety Show SignUp Genius. Adults must select their volunteer choice by Friday, January 12th at 3:15pm for their student to participate in the variety show.