Additional Information and NEW Additions

This year. there will be some exciting additions to The GREAT Ogden Variety Show.

OPENING NUMBER & GRAND FINALE-The first addition is the inclusion of an opening number and a grand finale. All participants in Act I will learn the opening number and perform it at the beginning of the show. All participants in Act II will learn the grand finale and perform it at the end of the show. These new additions will give the kids another chance at being on stage, and give their families another chance to see their little stars shine.

KIDS WITHOUT AN ACT IDEA- Everyone can be in the variety show! If your student would like to be in the variety show but does not have an idea for what to do, please fill out the Contract Form and complete the information in the appropriate box. They do not need to fill out an Act Information Sheet. Students will be placed in groups and an act will be created and rehearsed with the help of an adult volunteer based on the students’ preferences. Additional rehearsals may need to be scheduled to get these acts ready for the stage.

ADULT FLASH MOB- If enough parents are interested, a surprise adult flash mob will be put together to perform during the variety show. Please add your name to the online Signup Genius if interested, and additional information will be emailed to you. No dance experience necessary- the flash mob will be very easy and uncomplicated, as many of us are unskilled and out of shape. Keep this a secret, it’s going to be a surprise during the show!

EMCEES- Emcees are students who tell scripted stories/jokes between acts. Emcees should be comfortable speaking in front of an audience. There will also be a short choreographed routine for the emcees to perform. Students who would like to be a show emcee should fill out and submit the Contract Form and check the appropriate box about wanting to be an emcee. Emcees may NOT be involved in any other acts, and they do not need to turn in an Act Information Sheet.