Contacting Ogden Families / Class Gifts

One of the most important functions of the room parents is to understand and, when asked to,  conduct the tasks contained in the Emergency School Closing Procedures section of the School News pages of this website, if necessary.

Per district policy, class email and phone lists are only made available to authorized school and PTC personnel. Unauthorized distribution of class lists and student phone numbers and email addresses is strictly prohibited.

Room parents are responsible for communications to other class parents regarding class parties they are organizing, etc. Room Parents should use the online PTC email approval form (marking "Room Parent Communication")to ensure compliance with procedures.  In communicating with class parents, Room Parents are responsible for:

  • Obtaining proper approvals for any communications from the school office and PTC President.
  • Ensuring all classroom families are contacted. If using email, you must use the BCC function to ensure privacy, and must phone any families for which you do not have an email address or are not able to reach via email. If you are unsure of how to use the BCC function in your email system, please contact us.
  • Ensuring any group gifts to teachers/aides are appropriate and that there is no specific contribution amount specified (ie families should be able to donate whatever amount seems right to them).  Click here for steps to organize a class gift.
  • Ensuring families understand that participation in group gifts is optional and that any group gifts will come from all students, regardless of participation.
  • Ensuring all group gifts to teachers/aides have all children's names on the card, even though participation is optional.