Staff Gifts

It is deeply appreciated whenever a parent and/or parent group would like to recognize a teacher for his or her efforts, however, school district policy (see below) must be followed when organizing group gifts and/or soliciting contributions for gifts.

Gift giving and contributions must always be optional.  Room parents are responsible for ensuring that group gifts to teachers/aides are appropriate and that there is no specific contribution amount specified (ie families should be able to donate whatever amount seems right to them). All group gifts to teachers / aides must have all children's names on the card, even though participation is optional.

If you are the liason for the class and would like to organize a class gift.  Here are the steps to follow:

1) Below is a sample letter that has the correct wording to solicit participation.

In honor of all of Mrs. Ogden teacher’s hard work with our children, we would like to purchase a special gift card for her. If you are interested, please donate any amount of your choice and drop off your money to XX by December 15th. Please note that all children's names, whether you contribute funds or not, will be included on the class card. Also, we will be sending home in your child’s back pack a construction paper present that we’d like your child to decorate as well as a blank envelope. The present says “Mrs. X is a gift because….” Please help your child fill this out and return it in the paper envelope by December 14th.

2) Use the PTC News Article form to send out your letter.  

3) Be sure to select that it's a Room Parent notification while filling out the PTC News Article form! When you select that, it goes directly out to your class after it's been approved.  There is no need to type everyone's email addresses or send out a separate email!

4) Collect the funds and buy/make the gift.

See Use of Class Gifts for more information on communicating with parents about group gifts.