Room Parenting Top Ten

1. Test out crafts and games on your child before the party.

2.  Use the Class Party Volunteer Forms to ask for donations and to manage allergy restrictions. 

 3. Watch the clock. Plan ahead on how much time you want to allot for each activity. Think of what you’ll do if you have extra time.  Get to Classroom or park 15 minutes before hand to set up.

4. Take into consideration the mess factor when planning snacks and crafts. If necessary, cover the desks with plastic or newspaper to help with clean-up.

5. Try using a theme for your party if you need help generating ideas.

6. Have a contingency plan in place if your outdoor party is canceled due to bad weather.

7. Determine how you’ll divide the class into groups for stations or games before the party begins. One idea is to use name tags with different stickers.

8. Out of courtesy, contact the other room parents in your grade level if you’re planning something extra special.

9. As a classroom team, reach a consensus on how party funds will be budgeted and disbursed for the school year.

10. Don’t go it alone. You’ll think of the most creative and enjoyable activities if you share ideas and brainstorm as a group.