Celebrating Birthdays

Unlike most adults, children really enjoy celebrating their birthday! Our Ogden children are so fortunate that most of them enjoy home parties and some special ways to celebrate out of school.

At school, we like to recognize these milestones too! Student birthdays are announced each week (with half birthdays announced for those with summer birthdays) and the children come to the office for a special little gift from the principal (pencil, eraser, etc).

In the classrooms, we have students bring in a special "Birthday Book" to share and donate to the classroom library.

When students donate a book to their classroom for their birthday they have a bookplate noting their birthday gift and/or have the opportunity to write a message to their class in the book. This is such a wonderful way to celebrate with a gift that will last for years to come. Many students enjoy seeing who donated a birthday book or look for their brother or sister's book over the years.

In some homerooms, teachers may even send home a list of suggested books that you and your child may choose from for their special celebration. In this way our classroom libraries also grow to help foster independent reading for all children!

We ask you to honor this method of birthday celebrating and not send in any treats. This way we also avoid allergy and food restrictions that several children have. Thank you and have fun selecting a special book with your child to celebrate their next growing up milestone at Ogden in grades Kindergarten through six.