Emergency School Closing Procedures

In the event that the principal is notified by the district that the school is to be closed due to weather related or emergency related school closing, emergency closing information will be placed on the District 102 Website.  Visit the District 102 Website for further information on emergency closing procedures.

Emergency During School Hours Due to the fact that over 60% of our families work during the school day, school would not be dismissed early in the case of an emergency, as many of the students would have no place to go. If it were necessary, the school would be vacated and the students would be transferred to St. Francis and/or Park Jr. High, with whom Ogden has a cooperative emergency agreement. If the emergency occurred close to the end of the school day, the students would be "held", if the situation allowed, and dismissed at the regularly scheduled time. If the emergency occurred at the very start of the day, the emergency closing procedures would be initiated and children would be dismissed in an appropriate and orderly fashion to those parents and guardians who are reachable and can personally pick their children up at school. All other students would be monitored until the end of the day by school staff.